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Don't miss out on our wide selection of pumpkins, perfect for your carving needs or as eye-catching displays this Halloween or Thanksgiving. Our pumpkins are sourced directly from local farms, ensuring the freshest quality.

The Scoop!

Welcome to our website! Here's the scoop: Adults enjoy complimentary admission, and for kids, the price includes $15.00 plus tax. This covers a 6-8” pumpkin ready for on-site painting, along with all the paint and fun accessories like puff poms and crazy eyes. But that's not all! Your admission also grants you access to a full day of excitement, including all our activities, games, and adorable baby goats. Plus, we've added an exciting 40’ jumpy obstacle course to the mix! And if you're in the market for fresh pumpkins, we have you covered with our farm-fresh options available à la carte. Come join the fun! 🎃🐐🤸‍♂️😄


Why us

At 4 Seasons Marketplace, we are proud to offer the best quality pumpkins for the holiday season. Our family-owned pumpkin patch is the perfect place for families to come together and enjoy a fun-filled day. Bring your kids to our petting zoo, or let them paint or carve their pumpkins on site, while you relax and watch them have a blast. Want to play with your friends? Try our obstacle course, football toss, pumpkin bowling and SO MUCH MORE. We have something for everyone! 🎃🖤🧡

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